Bike adventures are life’s best adventures. Every day brings opportunity for fresh challenges. Beyond the roads you know lie whole new vistas. Unknown roads are easier and faraway places nearer with the Versys 1000. When Adventure Calls, you and the Versys 1000 have the answer. ANY ROAD. ANY TIME.

Kawasaki In-Line Four Exhilaration x Fun Package on Winding Roads

Both the Versys 1000’s engine and chassis were designed to maximise rider enjoyment on the street. Its 1,043 cc In-Line Four delivers a rewarding surge of acceleration with every twist of the throttle. The chassis balance and long-travel suspension settings enable superb control and feedback, offering a high level of rider confidence in numerous street riding situations. And a relaxed, upright riding position offers a high level of machine control as well as a good vantage ahead.

Powerful & Efficient

The liquid-cooled, In-Line Four DOHC 1,043 cc engine offers superb throttle response, strong torque across the rpm range and an enticing intake howl. Thanks to optimised fuel injection settings, power delivery is linear and smooth for easy control and manoeuvrability at low rpm.

Smooth & Responsive Power

Electronic Throttle Valves enable the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to control the volume of both fuel and air delivered to the engine, resulting in smooth, natural engine response and output. Electronic Cruise Control is made possible also by the Electronic Throttle Valves.

Race-inspired Assist & Slipper Clutch

This clutch technology offers a light lever pull plus a back-torque limiting function. When excessive engine braking occurs the slipper cam relieves pressure on the clutch plates to help prevent the rear tyre from hopping or skidding.

All-day Comfort

A wide handlebar offers easy control and a natural grip, contributing to a relaxed upright stance while low and forward footpeg placements contribute to a spacious riding position.Overseas model shown with optional Kawasaki accessories fitted

Long-travel suspension and sporty 17" wheels

Long-travel suspension delivers a smooth ride on imperfect roads, allowing you to ride with confidence on various road conditions. Lightweight 17” wheels front and rear contribute to quick, sporty handling.

Confidence Inspiring

Highly rigid 4-piston, radial-mount, monobloc front brake calipers grip large o310 mm petal discs and pair with a radial-pump front master brake cylinder to produce superb feel and potent stopping power.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Kawasaki’s top-level electronic rider support systems, enhanced with feedback from a compact Bosch IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), allow riders to enjoy fun, sporty riding on the Versys 1000 with confidence.

Kawasaki Cornering Management Function

From the entry, through the apex, to the corner exit, KCMF modulates brake force (KIBS) and engine power (KTRC) to facilitate smooth transitions from acceleration to braking, to assist you in holding your intended line through the corner.Overseas model shown with optional Kawasaki accessories fitted

Kawasaki Traction Control

Kawasaki TRaction Control covers a wide range of riding conditions, offering enhanced sport riding performance and peace of mind while you’re on the road. When turned on, you can select between three modes to choose the degree in which each mode intervenes during riding.

Kawasaki Intelligent Anti-Lock Brake System

Kawasaki’s supersport-grade, high-precision brake management system is standard on the Versys 1000. High-precision brake pressure control enables the hydraulic pressure to be modulated in much smaller increments than standard ABS systems, conserving lever feel when KIBS is active and ensuring ABS pulses feel light.

Equipped for Adventure

Complementing an upper cowling and wide fairings that provide enhanced weather protection and comfort for longer rides, the Versys 1000 comes packed with premium touring features and the latest technology to give you and your passengers a convenient and comfortable ride whether you’re touring mile after mile of open road or taking on busy city streets.

Ride Easy

A simple press of a button allows you to set a desired speed to enable relaxed cruising and enhanced riding comfort.

Take it All with You

Allows the KQR 28-litre panniers to be easily attached and removed for increased convenience. The Versys 1000 can accommodate both an accessory top case and panniers simultaneously.Overseas model shown with optional Kawasaki accessories fitted

Fully Adjustable

Large, vented windshield has a stepless adjustability range of approximately 40 mm. Height can be adjusted from the rider’s seat (without tools, using two knobs on the inside of the screen) to suit rider preference.

Power Source

A DC outlet, located in the cockpit, can be used to power small electronic devices.

S-Model Equipment for an Enhanced Riding Experience

Advanced technology and special equipment available on the Versys 1000 S take the Versys riding experience to the next level. Kawasaki Quick Shifter, LED cornering lights, integrated Riding Modes and smartphone connectively are all standard features on the S model.

Kawasaki Quick Shifter

Dual-direction Kawasaki Quick Shifter allows both clutchless upshifts and downshifts for seamless acceleration and smooth deceleration.

Night Riding

LED cornering lights, sets of three lights built into each side of the fairing, help illuminate the road when cornering at night. Each of the three lights has a fixed direction and is activated based on lean angle. As the bike leans over, the lights come on in order, creating a wider illuminated path in the direction the bike is heading.

Ride with Confidence

Integrated riding modes link Kawasaki TRaction Control (KTRC) and Power Modes to offer varying traction control and power delivery settings to suit different riding conditions. – Sport mode enables sporty riding for winding roads. – Road mode offers comfortable riding over a wide range of conditions. – Rain mode delivers reassurance over wet surfaces. – Rider (manual) mode lets you set each system independently.

Take Control from Your Phone

Bluetooth technology enables smartphone connectivity, allowing you to connect to your motorcycle wirelessly via the RIDEOLOGY THE APP smartphone application. Add this to the high-grade full-colour TFT dash meter and you’ve got vehicle information, a detailed riding log and more at your fingertips.Overseas model shown with optional Kawasaki accessories fitted


  • Maximum Power

    88.2 kW {120 PS} / 9,000 rpm

  • Maximum Torque

    102.0 Nm {10.4 kgfm} / 7,500 rpm

  • Engine

    4-stroke In-Line Four

  • Displacement

    1,043 cc

  • Bore x Stroke

    77.0 × 56.0 mm

  • Compression Ratio


  • Valve System

    DOHC, 16 valves

  • Fuel System

    Fuel injection: o38 mm x 4

  • Ignition


  • Starting


  • Cooling


  • Lubrication

    Forced lubrication, wet sump

  • Transmission

    6-speed, return

  • Primary Reduction Ratio

    1.627 (83/51)

  • Gear Ratio: 1st

    2.692 (35/13)

  • Gear Ratio: 2nd

    1.950 (39/20)

  • Gear Ratio: 3rd

    1.529 (26/17)

  • Gear Ratio: 4th

    1.304 (30/23)

  • Gear Ratio: 5th

    1.136 (25/22)

  • Gear Ratio: 6th

    0.958 (23/24)

  • Final Reduction Ratio

    2.867 (43/15)

  • Clutch

    Wet multi-disc, manual

  • Final Drive



  • Frame

    Twin tube, aluminium

  • Front Suspension

    o43 mm inverted fork with rebound damping (right-side) and spring preload adjustability

  • Rear Suspension

    Horizontal Back-link, gas-charged rear shock with rebound damping and remote spring preload adjustability

  • Front Wheel Travel

    150 mm

  • Rear Wheel Travel

    152 mm

  • Rake


  • Trail

    106 mm

  • Steering Angle (L/R)

    34? / 34?

  • Front Tyre

    120/70ZR17M/C (58W)

  • Rear Tyre

    180/55ZR17M/C (73W)

  • Front Brake/s

    Dual semi-floating o310 mm petal discs

  • Front Caliper/s

    Dual radial-mount, monobloc, opposed 4-piston

  • Rear Brake

    o250 mm petal disc

  • Rear Caliper



  • Dimensions (LxWxH)

    2,270 × 950 × 1,530/1,490 mm (high/low)

  • Wheelbase

    1,520 mm

  • Road Clearance

    150 mm

  • Seat Height

    840 mm

  • Curb Mass

    255 kg

  • Fuel Capacity

    21 litres

  • Model Code


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